I really can identify with your descriptions and explanations, but I am not a Christian. I am still a follower of Jesus. I folllow Creation Spirituality and also Unitarian Universalism. Jesus does not have the last name christ and I will never refer to him as Christ, so although your definition of a christopagan is something I can identify with, I prefer other words. I really enjoyed your discussion, Charlie.

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I understand. If I had to sum up my beliefs in one word I identify with it would be daati, which is Hebrew for "knower," and the only reason I don't use it more is my faith in Jesus, my precious Brother Lord and Mother Christ, as Julian of Norwich says it.

Like I said in the essay. I expect the only ones that are going to use the term Christopagan are those who, like me, practice a blend of non-imperial Christianity and paganism.

I do feel like it is important to establish terms so I can reference them and the meanings I am bringing to them.

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