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Charlie, we are just coming off a thankfully brief power outage - 45 minutes. It’s good reminder of how precious are our online connectedness and home comforts like running water. And this post appeared on the newly charged iPad. How synchronous is that?!? I look forward to exploring your incredible vault! My files are only connected in my failing memory - and trying to “find” some special reading, etc. just saps time and energy. Thank you for this generosity. Thank you.

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I am glad you are excited and thank you for your kind words.

Yeah, I have used various Second Brain apps since The Brain in 1999. As someone who is a writer at heart, I journal everything. Making all of these notes, essays, and journal entries public is a bit scary, but if it helps someone not have to dig through all the books I have, or points to a book that will help someone, it is all worth it.

This vault is such a major part of my priestly work to serve the community. And as a bonus, it is searchable.

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