Hi Charlie. Learning the at is ok to have righteous indignation and anger has freed me. I so agree with all you have said and have always had an acersion to capitalism and the money changers. I am so glad more and more people are speaking out, and listening. Hopefully we are heafed for the Great Turning.

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Yesterday, I had a great discussion with a couple people about the struggle for language. As I said in the essay, the problem with capitalism is that it teaches people to only care about the money and the market. While there are many competing ideas for how an economy and society, the right wing have tainted all those names to the point where even if someone agrees with the ideas, the reject the label. Labels are rallying points and without them it is impossible to organize. We need new flags.

I am not against righteous indignation, and I don't believe all anger is wrong. The problem with anger is that too many grifters and charlatans manufacture anger to get power and money. From the gas stoves, to trans rights, to drag shows, they manufacture anger as a way to consolidate power and distract from real issues. That is why I am skeptical of anger as a tool of rhetoric. It is so easily abused I doubt the topic and the spokesperson who stokes the anger until validation of the topic can be had.

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